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The Step-by-Step Breakdown of How to Build a Steel Building

Often times, the fear of construction stops homeowners from building their dream garage or workshop. Many worry that the assembly process for a sturdy steel building will require hours of professional labor, or thousands of dollars spent on heavy equipment.

Steps of the Steel Building Assembly Process

For a quick overview, please refer to the list below.

1.) Set the legs

2.) Add girts: Also known as wall studs, these are placed on two foot centers for superior strength.

3.) Set girders: Assemble these on the ground first, and then hoist them into position.

4.) Add purlins: These are also placed on two foot centers to ensure your building is the strongest on the market.

5.) Complete end walls.

6.) Frame your openings: A representative from Worldwide Steel will discuss the size of any doors and windows with you when you order, so the pieces of your steel building will fit like a glove.

7.) Install any doors or windows.

8.) Sheet walls and roof.

9.) Add your deluxe trim kit.

10.) Enjoy your new steel building! Whether you’ve built a the workshop you’ve always wanted, or you’ve finally got a garage big enough for all your toys, you know your Worldwide Steel Building will stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it.

If building your own steel building seems like a daunting process, don’t forget that there are many experienced contractors near you that can help with the building process. And because your steel building goes together in a snap, you pay less in labor costs.

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