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Two Storey Prefab House

Two Storey Prefab House

This prefab house has two storeys,which is sealed tight, thermal insulation, waterproof, fireproof, moisture proof, and beautiful appearance.

Product Details:

Product Description of Two storey prefab house

Prominent advantage of prefab house 
1, Firm structure: Safe and reliable light steel flexible structural system.
2, Flexible layout: Doors, windows and indoor partition can be located at any position.
3, Easy & quick installation: 6 worker can finish 300sqm prefab house in 2 days.
4, Economical: Thanks to our customized design and optimized material application.
5, Widely application: Construction site, office building, family living house, dormitory, canteen, recreation room, washing room, outdoor temporary building, etc.
6, Environment friendly: Repeated use, no construction garbage caused.
7, Life span: Anti-rust and normally more than 15 years using

Technical of house model
A, Overall weight: 50~60kg/sqm
B, Seismic fortification intensity: 8 grade
C, Wind-proof capacity: Wind speed 20m/s, resist 8grade wind
D, Floor loading capacity: 150kg/sqm
E, Roof loading capacity: 60kg/sqm
F, External wall bearing capacity: 50kg/sqm

Multi-Storey-Low-Cost-Steel-Structure-Prefabricared-Sandwich-Modular-Prefab-House-for-Labor-Camp-Temporary-Dormitory (1)_副本_副本.jpg

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